This is what’s happening in Brazil.

The media, the politicians and the police are trying to blame the protesters for the beginning of this whole mess, but the video shows clearly that it is the police who’s being violent. The governor of São Paulo has made clear his opinion that the police’s actions are correct and that the protesters are just troublemakers. Do not believe the media. The protesters are the victims. Their fight is legitimate and legally right, and it’s (supposedly) ensured by our very own Constitution.

This is the country that’s hosting this year’s FIFA Confederations Cup. If you have any respect for Brazilian population, and if the images of this video scare, disgust or enrage you in any amount, don’t come here. Help us show the government that this is not okay.

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So, to all of you who follow me and who are not from Brazil, you should read this, and please reblog, if you can.

These are some photos of what is happening to our country today. São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro are facing protest all over the cities. To fight for their rights. Our country is living a hidden dictatorship. The protests started because the bus fee raised 20 brazilian cents. Which doesn’t seem that much, but you all should know that millions of brazilians live with a monthly income of no more than 700 brazilian reais (something like 350 american dollars). Some people live and raise families with that money. Monthly. To these people, $0,20 for each bus means a lot.

But the thing is: what initially was intended to be a protest against the bus fee turned into a protest against the dictatorial government. A government that every year, steals millions of dollars of their people, in their own benefit. A government so corrupt, the population got used to it, and make jokes about it. In this country, a school teacher has a yearly income of $8400. The governors, on the other side, earn, for the same time, about $300.000. To work less. And they don’t even show up to work. And besides that salary, they steal.

And now, people are going to the streets. And the response is photographed. The government is brutally attacking everyone. I mean everyone. Protesters, pedestrians, reporters, photographers. Everyone. For no reason. They just attack. And bomb. And hurt.

The media is absolutely corrupted. The brazilian media makes it look like a violent act, that has to be fought with equal violence. That is a lie. 15 thousand people are going to the streets of Sao Paulo with no guns, no fire, no weapons. And they are being hurt, persecuted, and arrested. Some of them have to pay bail fees up to $20.000.

If you came all the way down here, please, reblog this. Help making the world know what is really going on here. This country, this beautiful country, with beautiful beaches, and women, and music, is now screaming in protest. This is the country in which the World Cup will be in 2013. A country that worries about the World Cup much more than it worries about the welfare of its citizens.

It’s sad being here. But we’re fighting.

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When it rains outside

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“I will love you if I never see you again, and I will love you if I see you every Tuesday.” Lemony Snicket (via larmoyante)

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“Don’t ruin my story with your logic!”

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Dove hired a forensic artist to draw how women see themselves versus how others see them - the results are moving.

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Sad, but True

Sad, but True

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